Gwadar city development is a flagship programme of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This is a major international connectivity project jointly developed by China and Pakistan.  This new corridor aims at connecting China’s western provinces to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan by constructing massive infrastructure, including ports, highways, and railways, power stations and fiber networks. Thanks to the CPEC, Pakistan is likely to become an emerging economy in the next decades.

China and the CPEC

The CPEC is a major segment of the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI), the global connectivity project China launched in 2013. The BRI ought to revive the old Silk road and ease trade and exchanges between China and the world. The programme is not only about building new infrastructure, but it also deals with trade agreements and person-to-person exchanges.

China has committed to investing more than $60 billion in this regional project that aims to connect Western China and Central Asia to the world through Pakistan. The CPEC is also the result of China’s modernisation. When the CPEC is completed, Pakistani industrial parks and special economic zones will be home to Chinese and foreign companies.

China and Pakistan maintain strong cooperation relations, and Chinese companies train Pakistani workforce to use the latest technologies and transform Pakistan into an emerging country.

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A top priority for Pakistan

The CPEC is the most massive development project Pakistan has ever conducted. Pakistan had for long suffered from a lack of infrastructure. The rapid urbanisation has accelerated this trend and created frequent power cuts in most cities. With the CPEC, Pakistan will get the infrastructure it deserves. The CPEC has become a top priority in Pakistan agenda, most resources and projects are devoted to the CPEC.

Several committees have been created to ease the realisation of the CPEC, and there is a consensus among Pakistani regarding the development of the CPEC.

Gwadar, connecting the CPEC to the world

To be successful, the CPEC needs to connect Pakistan not only to China, but also to other countries, including European Union countries. Gwadar will serve as the main hub for foreign companies to,operate in the CPEC. That is why Gwadar is so important in the development of the CPEC.

An open project

Although the CPEC is the result of China Pakistan cooperation and iron brotherhood, the CPEC is open to other countries. Gulf states that have historical relations with Pakistan have started to invest in the CPEC. Central Asian countries, Afghanistan and Iran are also very keen to take part in the CPEC.  

European Union companies are welcome to Gwadar and CPEC!