European delegation visit to Gwadar

On May 24, a High level delegation of the European Union visited Gwadar. Ambassadors of Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Denmark met officials in Gwadar and visited the port and the cricket stadium. They were accompanied by the High Commissioner of Canada and the Ambassador of Pakistan to the European Union. They discovered the newly-built infrastructure and were given a better picture of the future development of the city.

Although most attention is given to China-Pakistan relations, in order to make the CPEC efficient, new ties need also  to be developed between Pakistan and other countries.

The EU may become a major market for Pakistani products, but also for goods from central Asia to be shipped to the Mediterranean sea from Gwadar.

More visits need to be organized to Gwadar so that foreign entrepreneurs and investors understand the possibilities offered by this port.

2 thoughts on “European delegation visit to Gwadar”

  1. Gwadar is not just a regional conflict issue. The USA stands in the line of India and the UAE as Russia intervenes to support the Bank of China and Pakistan, which means that the issue has become an international conflict over domination and influence. Europe could, after all, benefit if it plays its cards right!!!

    1. Dear David Oualaalou,
      We know about regional (and international tensions) in Gwadar and Pakistan, but we sincerely hope that Gwadar will succeed in attracting foreign investors not only for its strategic location but also for the possible business opportunities it can offer.

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