Gwadar: new capital of South Balochistan

On March 31, the government of Balochistan upgrade Gwadar to the status of capital of South Balochistan. 

Following this decision, the Balochistan Provincial authority will open new offices in Gwadar. This policy must have a positive impact on Gwadar’s image; it will also improve connectivity between Gwadar and its hinterland.

Quetta will still remain the capital of Balochistan province.

South Balochistan Development Programme

This decision follows the unveiling of a Rs600 billion (€3.3 billion) package to develop Southern Balochistan in November 2020. According to this plan, the federal government will give a new impulse to South Balochistan’s economy in several sectors. Several policies regard agriculture with the development of date and olive production thanks to the construction of new dams. These products will give more resources to local farmers.

This package also covers the construction of new roads and power grids Unfortunately, South Balochistan population have currently little access to electricity, but this will change thanks to this programme.

This new plan does not only focus on infrastructure and agriculture, but also aims at developing education in this region. Special policies, including monthly stipends to parents and tele-education, will be implemented to increase education access among local communities, special attention will be given to girls’ education.

Better coordination

The new services offered by provincial authorities located in Gwadar will accelerate the implementation of this plan and develop relations between Gwadar and its hinterland.

To promote Gwadar as a regional hub between Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia, connectivity between Gwadar and South Balochistan need to be improved. With better infrastructure  and education in South Balochistan, Gwadar’s transformation will get accelerated. Because of the interdependence between Gwadar and South Balochistan, the creation of this new capital was required.  

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