Japan invited to join the CPEC

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is open to every nation, and Pakistan offers incentives to foreign countries to take part in the CPEC.

Japan may become the next country to join the CPEC. On September 9, when meeting with Japanese Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda, Pakistani Defence Minister Pervez Khattak invited Japanese companies to invest and operate in CPEC projects.

In the past, Japan was an important contributor to infrastructure development in Pakistan as the Economic Cooperation Fund of Japan financed several highways and tunnels including the Kohat tunnel. In 2017, representatives from Japan stated that this initiative was greatly appreciated by Japanese companies, and they were looking for getting involved as the CPEC opened to foreign businesses.  In September 2018, some business groups from Japan visited Gwadar to discuss about possible investment in real estate and tourism.

 The Sindh regional government once considered applying for a Japanese loan to build the Karachi Circular railway, although this project has not yet progressed.

However, Japanese investment to Pakistan and the CPEC is about to surge as the Pak-Japan Business Council (PJBC) announced in early September a $100 million investment plan. According to this Japan-Pakistan trade association, Japanese companies will target industrial zones in Punjab but will also explore other regions in Pakistan.   

It is important to mention that China also encourages third parties to invest in the CPEC to make it a truly international corridor.

As Japan moves to CPEC, European companies must also explore the opportunities offered by the CPEC in various sectors including textile, agribusiness, real estate, transport…

2 thoughts on “Japan invited to join the CPEC”

  1. Dear all ladies and gentlemen receivers of this message, I wish to express my feelings of wonder and amazement and great gladness of seeing the land of my ancestors reaching such beautiful heights of material success for the country and its commercial industries. I to be in a position of affordability to have some kind of investments there in both commercial and residential form for my own family’s and our friends as a foothold to enable our own contribution to the whole land and more. Plus to be able to benefit all the good people there and afford ourselves the pleasure of being able to frequently visit and live there as often as we like whenever we like inorder to enjoy the land and it’s beautiful offerings of benefits in a manner of encouraging our numerous commercial and personal contacts to do the same alongside ourselves which would create and grow a small but highly noticeable and crucial starting family business orientated community with a large potential of reasonable growth in private / joint ventures from Europe and the U.K. and more of the western world and beyond, for this project and towards others yet to come. As long as the Almighty Be Willing.

  2. Fantastic if Japan were to join.
    The Japanese culture of high honour will benefit the land of Pakistan and both countries and the surrounding regions of other lands would reap the huge rewards of being placed much higher on the world map of international commerce and tourism.

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