New Shipyard project in Gwadar

Pakistan only possesses one shipyard, in Karachi. Its ship-building capacities are very limited compared to other South Asian countries such as India and Bangladesh. But Pakistan has new ambitions to become a major regional maritime power, and per consequence, its needs to open new shipyards.

In February 2021, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Pakistan’s federal government and Balochistan provincial government to construct a new shipyard in Gwadar.

According to the Minister for Defence Production Zubaida Jalal, the new shipyard in Gwadar will be much bigger than the one in Karachi. It will be possible to construct and repair ships in this new shipyard ; the center will also offer training facilities in order to confirm Gwadar as a major maritime regional hub. Ships navigating in the region will be able to make maintenance operations in Gwadar.  

Feasibility studies are to be launched. It will then take 5 years to construct the shipyard. Local workers will be given priority in this project in order to boost employment in the Balochistan province.

This new shipyard will work as a joint venture between the Federal and Provincial governments.

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